Cobbler’s Daughter Wins 3000 Meters Race Without Wearing Shoes

Some of us are privileged enough to own sports gear that amplify our sporting prowess, but there are many who cant even afford basic elements of the sport. Does this limitation make them any less talented? Absolutely not! Ultimately, it’s the passion, courage, and hard work, that truly counts for a winner, and our country is full of such talented individuals who thrive in the face of adversity. Their passion and sweat is what fuels their ambition and their zeal to win.

With many ordinary people like Milkha Singh, Sania Nehwal, Mary Kom who excel in their field extraordinarily. There is a girl Sayali Mhaisdhune. She had the two most important things needed to become a terrific athlete. A will that can never be defeated, and the ability to run like the wind.


On a scorching synthetic track that would burn the soles of your feet, Sayali ran and even won the district level 3000 meters race without any shoes on! You read it right, barefoot!


Sayali couldn’t afford a pair of running shoes. Her father is a cobbler and the most he can provide her daughter is encouragement, and support to follow her dreams. But that didn’t stop her! And we wonder if anything ever will.


There are millions of such talented athletes and sportsperson in our country, who lacks in luxuries but has passion, courage and never dying will! They will prove to be best if given a chance. All they need is a little support and help, and that’s where Dabur decided to step in.

Dabur is taking an initiative to support deserving athletes so that they can focus on their training and not worry about anything else.

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