Bollywood Stuntwoman’s Life Was Nothing Short Of Hell

We always fail to see the struggle behind the success. We even fail to see the pain behind the happiness. This is the story of Geeta Tandon, one of the most successful stuntwomen in Bollywood. But her life was no cakewalk. It was different and bitter than what you can imagine.

Having gotten married off at the age of fifteen, Geeta’s life at her in-law’s place was nothing short of hell. A mother-in-law that despised her, alcoholic husband who raped and tortured her on a daily basis, and a whole lot of mute spectators. But Geeta never gave up. She escaped and tried to fend for herself and her children.

And when she thought to start working, one of few employment available to her was prostitution. But years of abuse made her never take that road. Instead she cooked and cleaned until she got to know about a vacancy for a stuntwoman’s job. She took it up without any training. She got injured but she did not give up. Mark this as how strong she is! Today, after being in the industry for years, she is very successful and aspires to become India’s first female action director.

Geeta’s story is very inspiring and gives you ray of hope in life. Geeta taught us that in spite of all odds one can grow in life. Watch the full video here:

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