Dog Holds The Position Of An HR Manager In An Indian Company

Goofy is the actually the HR Manager of an advertising agency in Chennai. The employees hired Goofy because they believe having furry friends in office is completely great as they not only keep employees happy but also help in reducing stress levels is a well-known fact.

As the new trend is booming, there are many more offices all over the world who are opening their arms to having pets inside the office and making it an amazing place to work at.

This helps the employees to stay refreshed and also the bonding helps them stay relatively stress-free.

But if we analyze, bringing pets to office is one thing, hiring them and giving them jobs is a completely new ballgame! Goofy goes to the office daily, owns a desk and a chair and is known to manage the people of the office brilliantly! He makes sure that there are no conflicts in the office and also helps the members choose one brief over the other for their clients. And most importantly, Goofy has his own business card too and is prompt to extend his paw towards you with a bright lime-green card under it!

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