A 7-year-Old Girl Got Raped In Delhi, Is There Any End To It?

In a most horrifying and shocking incident, East Delhi’s Yamuna Khadar village proved to be a nightmare for a seven-year-old girl who was sleeping peacefully on her cot.

In national capital, popularly known as Sin City these days a seven tears old girl got raped by three people. Around 11 PM, three youths approached her cot. She was kidnapped and brutalized for almost an hour when the three of them took turns to rape her until she went out of her consciousness.

The little one returned home after that traumatising incident. She was bleeding and revealed about the incident which shook them to no limit.

She was taken to the Lal Bahadur hospital and from there, she was referred to AIIMS hospital.

Police investigations revealed that the girl was abducted and taken to the nearby jungle. What’s more shocking is the fact that the predators were her neighbours and are of age between 18-21 years. They absconded the area after dumping the girl near her house.

Often, incidents like these have neighbours as the predators, who keep an eye on the girl’s movements and study that thoroughly so that they can go ahead with the heinous act.

The girl is recovering from her injuries.

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