MBBS Student Who Rides Rickshaw To Help Needy People In Bengaluru

Meet this student, who is pursuing MBBS 3rd year, drives a rickshaw in Bengaluru. Unlike anyone of us, he doesn’t ride the rickshaw for his living, but to help unfortunate people in need.


What’s more incredible than this man!

When someone asks him for the fare, he refuses and points to the donation box which reads “Donation for the poor and needy patients.”

And you can donate whatever amount of money you wish to, less than or more than the ride costs.

Vineeth Vijayan, a resident of Bengaluru, got a golden chance to sit in his auto. His ride was memorable enough to share the story with the world.


Vineeth had hired his rickshaw to go to the hospital. Upon reaching the destination when he asked for the fare, the rickshaw driver refused to take money. Instead, he pointed to the little donation box and asked Vineeth to make a donation according to his wish.

Meanwhile, a security guard turned up and upon seeing the rickshaw driver, he greeted ‘Namaste’.


Vineeth was completely surprised by this sudden gesture and decided to ask the security guard about the man.

The security guard told, “He is 2nd to the 4 children of his parents. His dad expired earlier and has elder brother paralyzed. He got two younger sisters.

The superintendent of our hospital, gave him this auto as a gift, for passing the exams with good marks. He came up with half of his earning in the first month itself to repay for the auto, to which superintendent said NO with a smile.

He then started offering rides to medical college for free or asks people to put the money in the box. At the end of every month, he uses it for the treatment of needy people in our hospital.”

There’s nothing can be better than being such a giver in life. We wish you abundance of achievement in your life.


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