Terrorist Attacks In 9 Countries From Past 9 Days, Muslims Are Dying Too!!

Ramzan is a festival that’s considered most sacred for Muslims. It’s a time when their desires are put to test. They sacrifice more than just food, it’s a time when they are tested for their abilities. Their ability to feel and live like the poor who aren’t fortunate enough to feed themselves a simple meal in a day and their ability to remain grounded, irrespective of what class or creed they belong too. Ramzan teaches you to value things. It teaches you how nobody is above and beyond the supreme power that sits over each of us. It teaches you how to love. Except, this Ramzan. This Ramzan, taught us a little more about hatred, violence through terrorism.


This time we saw sea of people offering namaaz, but also a sea of blood. There was chaos, there was loss of life. The screams were louder than the evening azaan. The terrible feeling arouse that wasn’t about the hunger, it was something else. People were counting. But this time it wasn’t the hours left for the Iftaar party to begin, this time, it was the number of death tolls in their country. This time, Ramzan taught us a little more about terrorism.

When you say the ideologies of terrorism do not match those of the Holy Quran, I believe you. I’ve read one. When you say a few terrorists are maligning the purity of your religion, I believe you, My best friend is a Muslim. But when you say can do nothing to fix this. I have a problem. Because my dear Muslim friend, your religion today, is in the hands of an extremely supreme yet disgraceful power. They killed Hindus, they killed Christians, they targeted a country and killed Americans, Syrians, Indians, and now, they’re killing Muslims too. Finally, this proves their enemies aren’t a particular religion. Their enemies remain to be people who chose to be silent. They aren’t against any religion, they are against innocents.


26 June: Naasa Hablood, Somalia, 15 Dead.
Al Shabab

27 June: Qaa, Lebanon, 7 Dead.

28 June: Al-Mukalla, Yemen, 43 Dead.

28 June: Istanbul, Turkey, 45 Dead.
ISIS (Suspected)

28 June: Abu Ghraib, Iraq, 14 Dead.

29 June: Tell Abyad. Syria, 10 Dead.

30 June: Kabul, Afghanistan, 40 Dead.

1 July: Dhaka, Bangladesh, 22 Dead.

2 July: Baghdad, Iraq, 200 Dead.

Except for Qaa in Lebanon, a lot of Muslims died in these attacks. This isn’t proof that the terrorists aren’t endorsing your religion. This is proof that the terrorists aren’t afraid of you (Muslims). They aren’t afraid of your voice. They aren’t afraid of their own people. Yes, I call them your own people because you must accept the fact that terrorism is firmly rooted in your motherland, as much as it is in mine. I say they don’t fear you because they know you’re busy defending yourself to the world.

We don’t need your sorry. We don’t need your on-behalf apology. All we need is your voice. Your voice and your actions. Your voice to reach out to the people who are doing what they are doing on behalf of your community. Let them know they deserve to rot in hell. The only time they’re reaching “Jannat” is in a movie theatre with Emraan Hashmi on the big screen. Let them know that you’re not alone. There are millions of Muslims who share the same opinion. Because we’re sure you’ll outnumber the few thousands who are representing you.


Don’t let them be the face of your religion, oh Muslim. Don’t allow people teach their kids to stay away from somebody else’s who wears a taqiyah. Don’t let a Hindu door remain locked when a Muslim man knocks for help. Don’t let a Muslim man apologize for the mis-deeds of devils who in name of ‘Allah’ killing alot of innocents and took hundreds along with him too. ACT. Because your voice is going to need an action.

Your brothers and sisters are dying, and I’m not talking about your Muslim people. I am talking about all the human beings who have a similar family to go home as you do. Who fast for the same purpose as you do, who has the same ideologies as you do. But is killed anyway, because all the Muslims chose to keep mum. Today, they’re doing it to everybody. If not today, we’ll keep counting the rise in death toll everyday.


Wake up and tell the world what you really feel about this. Make sure your words are heard. Make sure you’re a Muslim who stood up with dignity and told the terrorists how you’re not someone they can tame, show them they are alone in this fight, show them you’re on humanity’s side. Hope this silence ends and your loud voice heard and understand by many.

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