Couples Were Allegedly Picked Up By Punjab Police In Restaurant of Patiala.

India is the largest democracy in the world. The right to free travel  is registered in the constitution buut this incident shows different story .

In Patiala , Punjab police raid at  ranjit restaurant in patiala which is near Dukhniwaran Gurduara Sahib. As per sources there were 7 couples present in that time of restaurant and all of them were arrested for just hanging around with opposite gender friend.

Similar case  happened last year where Couples picked up from hotel rooms and was charged .

Such incidents arises somany questions which we want our govt to answer .
1. Hanging around and eating together in some public restaurant is crime ?
2. Who gives such orders to police to target young couples for no reason and interfere in their personal life ?
3. Why police only target couples in India, not drug addicts, public smokers,people who pee in public places , eve teasers etc ?

As said , in India people feels scared seeing police around but as per reality they are to make us feel safe which never happens.


It does not surprise when victims of such cases gets against our system and prefer to go abroad for better living and value of human life.









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