Digital India – What Exactly it is ? What Are Benefits of It ?

As discussed in our Published post titled 4 Things about Vyapam you will be shocked to know” on August 3, 2015: , some presently available schemes that could benefit in stopping these scams were discussed, including Digital India.

Recently, Facebook offered us to show our support to much Anticipated Digital India Scheme, most of us took it as an editing add-on for our Glamorous Profile Pictures. We may have got some great Social networking Cycles, Working day in and day out to provide us the inevitable experience of Personal interaction with each other. Some basic questions arises not only in the minds of intellects but also in the minds of CEOs at the zenith of the Virtual Social Networks namely are: Is India Digi-Smart??? Is India Mature Enough to handle Rapid Development in Digitization????

If we ask an individual, be that a 3rd Grader or a PG Student, to write a few lines on our Nation, their lines would definitely have three attributes: Culture, Diversity and Unity in Diversity. Out of these, Diversity is a quite sensitive for any discussion on macro level, but, a similar Diversity exists in Digital Atmosphere of India.

Diversity in Atmosphere of Digital India occurs as there is Technical disparity between groups; An iPhone user identifies Dropbox as a useful app, while a Clerk identifies Dropbox as a place to deposit cheques. Also,we must not turn a cold shoulder towards that sect. who visit the Technology as the last refuge. Remember, online payments and transactions are done through middlemen (Bhicholiya). With all this Diversity, a complete Digital presence of INDIA, might threaten their existence.

A Survey revealed that 48 percent Indians don’t find any difference in 2G and 3G:  , Who would like to invest in such a naïve public. But, you could never predict the results in India on the Basis of just Figures. You can just estimate the number of people, to be benefited with some new change, but, it is not necessary that your analysis is completely ideal; It may be wrong also.

Citizens of India are “OPPORTUNISTS” and they would at least once try something new, if it has the capability to come in their routines. If Majority of us can shift from “No Internet” to “Broadband” and now to “3G”. We would of course, welcome the new Digits in our Life. The LPG Subsidy connected to Bank Accounts has passed the public testament on Anti-Corruption Front. Also, the Announcements of Smart Cities in almost every state, Digitization of Sewer Lines mirages in near future. All this would make India Digitally Advanced.

Digital Education, Smart classes, introduced at the time of UPA, must also be considered a part of Digital India, as it is equally beneficial for every Student to have access to Technology as beneficial to the grown ups, who depend on these young minds for their future.

Hon. Prime Minister, Mr. ND Modi’s visit to Silicon Valley, clearly displayed the bright Digital Future of India in near Future, but, it also revealed our shortfall in providing Internet to 33% of the METRO Population, who read it in next day’s Newspaper and not in an app. Policy makers are the magicians who could bring up something promising and attractive with their wands. But, DIGITAL INDIA could prove to be the Revolution in the World History, and phrases would change from “Model State of Gujarat” to “Model State of INDIA”.


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