Women can be strong as Men

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Women take the pain because they CAN not because they should.

Women dont raise their voice because they dont WANT TO not because they can’t.
Women consider themselves inferior because they are TAUGHT that way not because they really are.
Yes, my friends this is the reason why women give up their power by thinking that they cannot compete with men.
But why do they think so??
Because the HISTORY gives them the answer( prevailing for centuries).
Let me tell you,its 2014…
Thinking has totally changed
So forget about the past and start from the scratch..
If a woman can be the Prime Minister(Indira Gandhi) and control such a vast country then every women can be the same.
If a woman(Malala Yousafzai) can get a noble prize by standing against the deadly terrorists then every woman can be the same.
If a woman(Mary Kom) can be five times world boxing champion then every women can be the same.
And If one woman can consider herself as strong as a man then every women can be the same.


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