This Girl’s Reply To A Guy Who Kept Abusing Her Online Made Him Beg for Mercy

Thinking of letting loose and spamming girls with questionable messages just because you can on Facebook? #ProTip: NOT a smart move. The world we live in is growing increasingly vigilant and online stalkers are being named and shamed in public as a penalty.  Case in point: This guy who kept sending vulgar messages to IBM employee, Richa Chandrawanshi and learned his lesson the hard way. Frustrated by a string of messages, in ascending order of vulgarity, Richa finally decided to answer his query and let the world play jury – She took to her Facebook profile to shut him down and shared the screenshots as a keepsake for him to have.


Well, yes i could have blocked him n ignored this too. But, what next? He would go beyond, make another fake id n post…

Posted by Richa Chandrawanshi on Monday, July 27, 2015

Emboldened by her reply, several people came out in full support of her move and the incident began going viral – To the extent that her offender rendered a full apology to her before promptly deactivating his account again.


A lesson well taught. Girls, please take notes. And always remember, you aren’t alone.


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