Radhe Maa Finally Spoke On Her Controversies and Her Explanation Will Make You Laugh

Radhe Maa is self-proclaimed Godwoman who is recently in news for various wrong reasons. She has been charged under Dowry Prevention Act as a married woman has accused her of instigating her husband and in-laws for demanding dowry. She is also accused of spreading vulgarity in wake of spiritualism due to her style of giving blessings to her disciples, she usually hugs and kisses them and sometimes followers lift her in arms. She is also in news for a photo of her which is viral on internet. In that photo, she is seen wearing mini-skirt, which is not considered a suitable dress for a Godwoman.

Till now, there was no reaction from Radhe Maa and it was perceived that after the case was registered against her, she has absconded and police has issued a look out notice for her. However, after a long wait, Radhe Maa has come in front of media and talked about all the allegations that she is being accused of. She has denied each of them straightaway and said that what matters to her is the love of her disciples.



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