Threat To Feminism By Saints

Women’s, girls position has been deteriorated over a decade and now In Indian society it has taken a new turn to make the girls life a living hell.
Wonder why I am talking about these things all of a sudden . Well let’s just say these days a violation of girls life has been a part of front page headline .Each day several reports of rape cases, molestation being seen day today.  But now even the  Saints ( Sadhu baba’s, pandits etc) are trying to chant the mantra’s and make a girl to lust for their physical desires.
These people are never caught due to the reputation they own in the society . Take it for a high standard or a medium sized living, we people since we are born consult to the bad omens prevailing on us to the ways of earning high income and etc.
A girl succumbed to her bad fate where even the family members did not accepted the ill intentions done by the Saint to her. She was again and again being used for the physical favours by the baba where she was bound to his orders just so because she is a girl ?
As the religious preacher Asaram Bapu has been charged with rape, illegal confinement and criminal conspiracy the saints are following his footsteps along with and taking it as a heroic act.
In conclusion to the topic, the youth of today believes in the acts and hard work rather then the hokums created by these so called saints. To all the victims and effected people kindly wake up and stop being a slave to their desires , their spirituality and magic is restricted to your minds rather then for real.

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  • prerna

    boycott the babas!!!