The misfits!!- HIGHWAY

“We are what we don’t show.”
– Alia Bhatt
Society – a structure which demands you to be everything you’re not and yet expects you to be real. The ones who fit this pattern are accepted easily while the ones who don’t are called “THE MISFITS “!!


But history tells us that usually the ones who haven’t fit this design are the ones who have made themselves shine and rise above all. The misfits have generally been the exceptions. Every person who chose to raise questions and break all the shackles of every stereotype this society has ever offered them,has been a ‘misfit ‘. Such is the story of `Veera`!!

A girl belonging to the elite section of the “SOCIETY “, who is standing on the verge of getting married but is craving to breathe. It’s strange how she is to start a new life with her soulmate(so called),celebrating her joys with her loved ones but all she wants is to “ESCAPE” and “BREATHE”. She feels strangled and suffocated amongst her own people or maybe in their artificial ways of life!! All she wants is 5 minutes of FREEDOM. Little does she know that these 5 minutes are going to set her free forever.

Her story makes us realize a very strange fact. The fact that sometimes we feel more secured yet totally free in the company of strangers than in the company of our own people. When on getting abducted Veera struggles and tries her best to escape the turmoil and probably the worst phase of her life, she gives in. She accepts that she can’t control the situation and rather starts enjoying it.Given the chance to escape thrice,she chooses to stay,because this journey itself becomes her escape.

It’s an impeccable fact how the pains inflicted by her abductors on her body are nothing in comparison to the pain inflicted on her body, soul and mind by “HER OWN PEOPLE “. It’s strange how generally the people who portray themselves as our wellwishers are generally the ones who stab us right in our back. While the ones who claim no such thing are the ones who have actually got our back.

Dealing with the struggle of being a woman and remaining safe at the same time, Veera meets the demon in her own house. She asks her father a simple yet a very deep question which hits him as a slap right on his face. She asks him “why while telling her to be cautious from the men outside her house, he didn’t tell her to be cautious from the ones inside her home too”. This serves as a slap not only on her father’s face but on the whole society’s.

Her story also breaks the stereotype that the upper class lead a perfect life away from all the dirt this society carries. They are in fact the most artificial of the lot as they have a status to maintain. While the Poor people who are what they are,fall prey to their evils deeds. This can be proved true by the story of Mahabir. Mahabir, the agency to Veera’s freedom, an innocent child who witnesses his mother going through the pain of prostitution and domestic violence, turns a criminal. His story depicts that to most of them,becoming a criminal is not a choice but a compulsion. This explanation doesn’t justify crime, but it surely gives an explanation to the cause. Why does a criminal, become a criminal!!

The funda is clear that the misfits generally adopt either of the following ways to make their identity. Either they follow the easy way out by choosing the path of crime,which generally leads them nowhere. Or the weaker ones,who  wear a mask and pretend to be who they are not. While there comes another category. The ones who neither give up,nor adopt the easy way out. The ones who “ASK”- the whys, the why nots, the whats, the what nots. Who raise their voice and who raise their standard by raising questions and seeking answers. The ones who break the norms,discover themselves and attain the “patakha guddies” inside them,thus seeking Salvation. Salvation from the lies,salvation from the dichotomy this society has to offer them.

That’s how the misfits attain their “HIGHWAY “!

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