You blame me. But what are you doing…….. society?


IGNORE. Don’t look at them. Walk straight. Don’t go to that area. It isn’t safe. Come home before dark. Take your brother along. Mind your clothes, pitch, body language and laughter in public. You’re a GIRL.
Yes, I know I’m a GIRL. Why do you always need to tell me that time and again? Why do you keep reminding me that I’m a girl and that’s my biggest crime? Why do you have to give me this whole God Damn list of Dos and Don’ts directing me what to wear, where to go, whom to talk to, how to behave, when to leave, when to return and even how to laugh? Why do I have to live my entire life according to your NORMS? Why can’t you see that I have got an Individuality that you are crushing beneath your feet, thus not letting me even breath the way I want? You tell me how to run my life and even when I do exactly what you tell me to do, you blame me if something goes wrong with me?
You blame me if someone Rapes me, if someone pours Acid on me, if someone Eve Teases me, if someone abuses me in public, if someone stares at me as if he’ll eat me right then, if someone threatens me on calls and messages, if someone blackmails me with my photo shopped Pictures, if someone simply makes my life HELL. While I suffer and try to overcome the shock, you in turn blame me. While I wait for it’s end . While I hope that maybe you’ll come to my rescue. YOU BLAME ME.
You blame me for the wrong clothes, for my jolly nature, for my Friendliness, for my Gestures which you think were inviting, while all I did was walk my way down, trying to live my life the safest way possible and someone who couldn’t control his DESPERATION comes and ruins me. But you say that it was still my fault and then the very next moment you put up a Sentimental Facebook Status expressing your grief and sympathy for me. Thus, contradicting all that you said moments back. If you think it was my fault then why the hell do you SYMPATHIZE and feel bad for me?  After all, you don’t feel bad for those who are themselves responsible for their plight? THEN WHY ME? It’s because deep down even you know that I wasn’t Wrong. That it was none of my fault if he couldn’t control his urge to rip me off my Respect.
But if you think that he succeeded then you should think again for he can never rip me off my respect by doing something as Inhuman as this. My respect lies within my soul, my nature, my values, my courage, my Honesty, my Confidence and my strength. It cannot be taken away from me if someone as insignificant as him comes and forces himself on me just because he is stronger than I am. He’s nothing but a coward who feels like a man after imposing himself on a woman who was helpless enough to fight him due to the difference between their physical strengths. BUT STILL, YOU BLAME ME?
You tell me this. You tell me that. But why don’t you ever tell yourself anything? The institutions you lay, the conventions you tell me to abide by, the Rules you make for me but not for him, the list of Dos and Don’ts that is applicable to me but not to him, are all the reasons why this happens to me. It’s because of your hypocritical behavior that I SUFFER. You put me in that situation and then blame me only for what I go through.
You tag AREAS as UNSAFE, TIMING as ODD, CLOTHING as CHEAP, BEHAVIOR as INVITING, AND me AS the REASON while I’m a mere VICTIM and if UNLUCKY then a SURVIVOR. Yes, UNLUCKY for you never make me feel lucky if I survive. Your taunting comments, accuses, pity, anger, and frustration on me for no reason are enough for me to feel unlucky for surviving. Death at this time seems a better option to me .THE BEST ESCAPE. You never blame the one responsible for all his but the one who suffers. But tell me, what excuse do you have for a five year old?
 She doesn’t wear inviting clothes or go out at odd timing to some unsafe place to get Raped. But see? Even she isn’t spared. It’s him who’s at fault who can’t even control himself in front of a five year old.
But still, for you I would be at fault. Why? Cause I’M A GIRL. I go according to your rules. I do as you say. I at times am not able to bring justice for myself maybe cause I’m alone. But YOU? You are not alone SOCIETY? You certainly cannot be alone for you are a great bunch of those useless and spineless creatures who think that their only work is to talk and talk and talk, pass judgments, play blame games, do debates, write stuff and then simply forget it in a night, when in reality you can do a lot. You at present, practically do nothing. You don’t help me when you see me in trouble. Rather you make videos and then silently escape when no one’s watching. You don’t help me then and you accuse me now when the damage is done.
WHY? You tell me to stay quiet and bear it all without complain. You tell me to ignore and escape. You make me weak and when I’m in trouble you disappear and then re-emerge to comment.

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  • Atri

    Beautiful piece of writing. Was socially awakening. This piece of writing deserves to reach the society.

  • kirti kumaar

    Such aa great lines… Converted in to a note… Hats off… I assure from one thing is that.. I will definitely able to change anyone thought towards women’s

  • Hakim SHAIKH

    Womens wants equality. They want to every thing to be distributed equally. But then suddenly they want reservation in schools in college in bus in train in government services… Their Wonder weapon rape,its my life i dont want to spend wid u why the hell rape charge for dis,just coz u think u lost ur virginity. but in bed u where enjoying equally.. Im feed up with every day drama… come on shrug ur shoulder n be a women…

  • Amit

    Don’t CRY always, Take a GUN in hand.