INCIDENTS showing caliber


What if you are disturbed with hell of noise,loud music,screaming,irrelevant blowing of horns and all such crap stuff,that too in the middle of the sleep,after midnight stroke ,when you are cuddled up in your blanket? Sounds a bit angry,no? In fact reading this boils you off,imagine if the same in reality happens.!
So,i undergone the above mentioned situation.I am a student of Panjab univeristy and resides in a hostel, I was preparing for my chemistry practical that very day and slept around 1’o clock or so.The very next moment of my studying,a group of boys standing next to my hostel started creating nuisance like hell,sang songs exorbitantly loud ,and above all used vulgur slangs.And i was left in a state of deep shock and at the same time, anger.Their so called ‘DRAMA’ continued for about an hour. I was becoming restless till then. Suddenly, a sound came from my hostel,scolding those morons but those spoilt brats obviously paid no attention at all.
In fact,the police officials came nearly after an hour.Ain’t that too fast on their part?!FINALLY. after a ‘melodrama’ plus ‘psychodrama’ of those gibberish people, we were left with peace and silence. Phew..!
And the very next morning,I was completely tired due to inconsistency in my sleep,My head was aching like hell and i was not able to concentrate on my practical too.Girls are extremely disturbed due to all this nonsense stuff.Examinations were in full mood that time.Why the hell people don’t care about others? We all know,panjab university has a marked and a rich standard ,a maintained one,a superior one,but definitely,these kinda incidents prove to be a BLOT on its image.Such behaviour shown by students of university is really condemnable! Those stupid fellows should have been suspended from their respective departments and sent to lock-up for one day or so.Such stringent actions should be followed in order to ensure a healthy environment and to nip these deplorable activities in bud.Actually, these incidents portray the background, the caliber and the character of the individual performing the same.It aint make you cool yo.!
I strongly request the editor of ‘BADLEGA INDIA’ to please put forth my views so that it may act as an eye-opener for the authorities,officials and for those morons too.! After all,if we want a change,we should be a part of the change.

“Akhir hum badlenge tabhi to badlega India!”

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