Freedom 251: BPO Cyfuture Is Going Sue Ringing Bells For Allegedly Not Paying The Dues

Call center service provider Cyfuture is looking forward to sue the Noida-based startup Ringing Bells. The company is planning to file a cheating case against Freedom 251’s maker for non-payment of dues.

The controversies might be hovering over the Ringing Bells for a little longer. Freedom 251, world’s cheapest smartphone’s makers are on the verge of getting sued. Cyfuture, a data center and BPO, alleges that the Noida-based company has not paid the dues as per the contract.
Ringing Bells’ President Ashok Chaddha has replied to our query that, “We completely disagree with the facts shared by Cyfuture BPO. Ringing bells were receiving 1000s of complaints directly from the consumers that lots of people were not able to get through the helpline number. We had outsourced this job to Cyfuture BPO. Telecom companies confirmed that the helpline was receiving a volume of approx 12 lakh calls per hour. It came to our knowledge that the BPO  company were not able to handle the traffic. We are looking into the situation to serve our customers better”.

Cyfuture claims before the launch of Freedom 251, Ringing Bells had outsourced the call center duties to it. The company also claims that to attend the “lakhs of calls” from customers post the announcement of the Freedom 251 smartphone, it hired more than 100 employees in the shortest period of time. It however alleges that when time came for paying the dues as per the contract, Ringing Bells “curtly terminated its services.”

Anuj Bairathi, Founder and CEO, Cyfuture said, “The first few days after the phone was launched, the call-center number received lakhs of calls which were forthwith responded and answered appropriately and even Ringing Bells was happy with our services”. “However, when we started asking for our payments, which were to be made to us on a weekly basis, they started making false allegations and abruptly decided to terminate our services adducing unsatisfactory services without adhering to any of the clauses mentioned in the agreement signed between us.”

Bairathi further added, “They did not provide any notice period, refused to make our payments and abruptly terminated our services. They are also not taking our calls. We plan to take all necessary legal actions including filing a police complaint to fight our case”.

The telecom ministry has ordered investigations into the matter to see if there is anything suspicious, considering a smartphone like this which costs Rs 2,300 minimum to manufacture in the first place.

However, Ringing Bells director says there is nothing questionable about his business, and in fact on each Freedom 251 unit sold, he will make profit of Rs 31. On 24 february,2016 Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad also warned the company that if it failed to deliver the smartphone strict action will be taken against them.

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