In Mumbai A Hindu Man Gave Muslims His Shop To Be Used As A Mosque For Free

In a country like ours, where religious and communal differences are not handled that well, our country is trying to stay strong and keep the secularism alive. In such times, people like Mr Deepak Kale are making a praiseworthy and commendable contribution.

The Muslim population of Mukund Nagar, Dharavi, Central Mumbai was struggling to find a place to worship as their mosque was under construction. So, Mr. Deepak Kale offered his 2500 square feet property to be used as a mosque.

The property could have easily earned him rent up to Rs 1 lakh.


“Some masjid trustees came to me to ask for my place. I have known these people since my childhood so I gave it them for offering namaaz. Khurshidbhai, who is a masjid trustee, is my childhood friend, I have spent my life with him. I didn’t want to take any rent from them because I bought this commercial space in order to sell it, and I had told them that the day I get a customer I will sell it after giving them two months’ notice,” he said.

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He thinks that our country lacks respect for other faiths and beliefs.


He also saved hundreds of Muslim lives by providing them a shelter in 1993 riots.

“I tell people to keep quiet and work for peace all the time. I feel if my lane is not harmed by communalism, then the country will take care of itself. If my lane is facing communal problems, what can I say about my country? So first keep communal peace in your own lane, and the country will follow suit,” he added.

We salute you, Sir!


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