Be Kind To Your Self – Kindness A Lost Virtue

Out of all the things our society is ungrateful for, kindness is perhaps the least appreciated.
People who indulge in acts of kindness are presumed to be doing it for fame. Little do people realize that the few who do initiate an act of kindness no matter how small, are people who keep our society from falling apart.

What makes people want to be kind?
I believe, kindness is an innate virtue that everybody possesses but very few acknowledge.
The fear of getting judged or being misunderstood as a weak, people pleasing person, is perhaps one reason that keeps plenty from displaying their kindness.

There is a lot of suffering and very little compassion. Patience seems to be a lost old letter. Nobody has time for feelings. Not their own. Not anybody’s.
Feelings of depression, anxiety and other mental pressures are not supposed to be a normal scenario but are. The reason that these are an everyday affair, if you ask me, is the absence of kindness which goes around and comes back again.
Loss of appreciation keeps people from performing their best. Loss of acceptance keeps people in suffocating closets. Loss of respect keeps people from being honest. Loss of kindness keeps people from being kind.

A worse situation arises when people stop being kind to themselves.
Gender roles, body issues, etcetera. Things that should not affect oneself, are the most sought after.
The world does not judge you as much as you judge yourself.

People are so harsh on themselves, they create a void of love within themselves.
Before we condensed people for being the disappointments they are, it is important that you question the importance of your own worth.
It is only when you have love within, you can survive in a world without.
While, accepting the fact that everybody is battling something and are in need of kindness could be a little difficult, I urge you to start being kind on yourself.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that.
Hatred cannot drive out hatred. Only love can do that.

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