I Didn’t Die Last Week Because I Had To Write This And Tell Everyone My Story – Drug Addict

“Everything happens for a reason. I didn’t die last week because I had to write this and tell you my story – one of a drug addict, and also hopefully save many others like me from this addiction.

A week ago, I was a lost cause surviving on ventilator support and the doctors had given up on my chances to live. Lying there, as I waited for my end, the only thing I could see was my near and dear ones rooting for
the remotest will and chance I had to survive. I could see them cry over my wasted life and yet they wanted to me to live, I prayed for one of two things to God – either put an end to me and save my parents this
misery or grant me one last chance at life. I knew I couldn’t change my life but if I lived I wanted to share my story to save anyone for this black hole of addiction. I survived.

I started doing drugs when I was in class VI and now I am pursuing my post graduation. Nearly 12 years in this rush, I have seen my life spiral down from a cheerful, young fun loving person to a misery I cant
describe. It started with pills and tonics, I was just trying then, you know in Class VI! Today, I can assure you that there isn’t a single form of addiction I haven’t tried or rather been addicted to!

I remember very clearly, those first times, when I started to inject myself, it was painful and I couldn’t find my vein. I just would cut myself open, pick out my vein, inject the substance and push it back in.
Yes, that simple and that gory!

Today, I have 287 scars on my body. I remember how, from a sweet, humble child, I turned into an aggressive rebel who would break things at the slightest sound and the therapy to this was a higher dose every time. It was normal to be missing for two days lying somewhere in a state of trance for 2 to 3 days at a stretch. Obviously, every single time, I took a hit, there was no guarantee of me waking up again!

21 of my close friends, some were my partners in this crime, died right in front of my eyes. Every single time I’d hear about someone losing the battle to this demon, I’d promise myself to never do it again. But, that
last time never came for me. If I wasn’t lying on this deathbed, I’d probably be smoking up something somewhere but I was lucky, life gave me a second chance. 21 of my friends didn’t get one. I wish they did to see
what lies beyond, the real life and true happiness.

I have stayed in Chandigarh and its surrounding areas for a long time and I know you think it’s not in your area but it is! There are places here that make any drug available to you anytime, you just cannot get
rid of it. Like me, 70% of the population in Punjab and Chandigarh that use and abuse potent and harmful substances is below the age of 18. Heroin, Opium, Alcohol, Cannabis and Propoxyphene are the five most
common drugs being abused by children in our country. In India 20 million children a year and nearly 55,000 children a day are drawn into a tobacco addition.

Currently, I am suffering from temporary paralysis as the drugs I have ingested all my life have made my blood thicker and I have clots all over my legs. No medication will work because the level of drugs my body
has accepted is way higher than these. But I am happy I survived. I know it would be too much to ask but I wish I am able to walk again. I would also like to share a video about my experience and resolve. I promise to never use any form of drugs again.

Join hands with me to bring about change and support me in this campaign. Even if I can save one person, I’ll be able to justify God’s will to give me second chance.”


This is a true story of young boy in Chandigarh. Badlega India has helped him create this campaign to share his story and save precious lives. Click on the link below to promise against #DrugAddiction on
Halla – a brand new platform for a common man’s common cause.
#DrugsEndAllDreams #DEAD #Halla #DekhDekh #BadlegaIndia


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