Gang Raped And Thrown On Road , Similar to Nirbhaya Case But No Media Covering It

Nirbhaya incident has been repeated once again but this time the location has changed from Delhi to Dharamshala, a city in Himachal Pradesh. The incident involves four senior students of Dharamshala Degree College who brutally raped a girl student of First year and then threw her on road in an almost dead condition. Everyone is Himachal Pradesh is disturbed with the incident.

However, the irony is that the media who was ferocious during the Nirbhaya rape is not even ready to give this news any importance.

Himachal Dastak, a newspaper published from HP has posted this news on its website but as it seems the four senior students belong to High Profile families, their influence compelled the newspaper to remove the post from the website. College Administration has denied occurrence of any such incident involving their students, same is the case with the Police Department of the city.

As per the unofficial news that it coming through the students of that college, the victim is in very bad condition, the devils have even removed her Uterus and nobody knows where she has been sent for treatment outside HP.

Sources say that the four senior students were troubling the girl from a long time and when the patience of the girl got over, she went to the Principal with her sister and made a complaint about all the four students. These four students raped her in the evening on the same day.

The question which arises is, if rape happens in Delhi newspapers start publishing supplements on the issue, people come out on roads with candles in their hands, news anchors start acting as if they will bring revolution, Inquiry commission is formed, a bill is passed for Women Safety. All this is done because the rapists were bus driver or labours and not politician’s kid or because the rape has taken place in National Capital and not in any small town like Dharamshala or village.

Whenever the case is high-profile, media gets disappeared and doesn’t have the courage to even cover the case and write about it. It is not the question of making it a National Issue but something wrong has happen with someone and it is the duty of Media to bring it out in the open and tell everyone and play an active role in punishing the culprits.

Latest Update On The Matter:

There is sad news for every Indian Citizen as all of us have lost a daughter, a sister, a friend to the Devils of the Society and see the mediocrity of our lives that we are not even able to bring these devils to the court for punishment.

A common person should not expect Justice in India as Justice has become the Private property of Influential and Powerful people.

The girl who was raped by four senior students in Dharamshala has lost her life and the accused are still free and it seems as if no action will be taken against them. One of the accused is Congress Minister’s son and second accused is also relative of that Congress Minister, while the third accused is Principal’s son and nothing is known about the fourth accused.

Police refused to write FIR, Doctors refused from giving treatment and Media refused to write on this heinous crime, truly money can buy everything and everyone. This case should now undergo a CBI inquiry so that Justice should be given to the victim and her family.

Share it as much as possible so that it becomes an International Issue and the Government and Law is forced to take action on this case.

Where is media now? Don’t you think they sleep when they actually should wake up? Share your views in connection with what all happened and the role media could have played in this case!


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  • Manaswita Sarkar

    OK first things first. As long as anonymity is maintained nothing can get done. Someone who knows who these seniors are need to divulge their NAMES! The media and people can help in justice if there are names. Then only public pressure can lead to arrests and convictions!!

  • Keith

    Exactly, if the author truly believes this story and knows who some of the people are then they need to publish the names. Otherwise you are being as hypocritical as the other journalists, being too scared to write the names. Publish the names and let’s start getting some justice done!

  • Sunny

    Wasn’t this established to be a hoax? Please stop sharing false propaganda!

  • Jason

    Fucking pundehs. High profile you think you are king? Wait till the vengeful spirit of the girl comes and rip out your penises.