22-Year-Old Student Left To Die As Cops Stood By Waiting For Madhya Pradesh CM’s Car To Pass

Bhopal Shocker: Student dies as cops wait for CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan

It was worse than any negligence or apathy of the highest order.

Vikas Prasad Soniya, 22 year old student was hit by a bus in front of the in-session Vidhan Sabha, the tragedy occurred on Tuesday. He lay in a pool of blood while no police and no passerby even noticed him dying there.

And what turns this new up side down is, in order to let the MP CM Shivraj Singh’s convoy pass smoothly, the police simply lifted him up from the middle of the road and dumped him on the pavement rather than taking him to hospital. For almost 45 minutes he laid by the roadside squirming and groaning in deep agony, until the CM’s car passed by him.


Finally, he was taken to JP Hospital after the CM’s convoy passed. For more than 20 minutes, he set down in the corridor of the hospital but no medical attention was given to him.

As per the ambulance service record, he was brought to the hospital at 11.45 am and it was not until 12.06 pm that doctors attended to him. Later, he failed to resists to the massive head injuries and died in the hospital leaving behind a distraught and helpless father.

The incident is also similar to one in West Bengal where a heart attack patient was left waiting in traffic, to make way for the CM’s cavalcade which never passed from that road. Incredible management India!

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