5. Stereotypes that should be stopped Spreading About Women

There are many stereotypes pertaining to a woman. Women are efficient and effective at what they do. They not only run the world but also rule the world.

Following social stigmas should be drooled out when it come to females.




  1. Not every woman wants to get married and have children.

Women are generally pressurised in all sects of society. They are intended to get married and start a family.  Heya! We are in the 21ST century. Women are more focused and oriented towards carrier. A common misconception about today’s “independent woman” is that she is trying to take a leading role or hold power over the man in her life. They are strong, smart, stern and upright. They can make good choices as they are intellectual as well. They have liberty to choose their priorities.


  1. All women are not overly emotional.

Human brain functions equally among males and females. Though they shed a tear to express joy, sorrow, grief or happiness -that doesn’t mean she is carried away by emotions all the time! Women currently hold 4.8 percent of Fortune 500 CEO positions and 5.2 percent of Fortune 1000 CEO positions according to sources ,it’s important to note that none of these companies are crumbling under their leadership – just the opposite, actually.According to research women formulate far more logical and sensible points on an issue than I have heard from men – point being, we need to stop shaming women because of this perception.

  1. Women don’t wear revealing cloths to grab attention or nonsense!

If a woman gets raped blame her cloths. If she is facing eave teasing blame it on cloths again.  ‘Ohhh ! That girl in skimpy top and skinny shorts‘ ….must be a slut or an easy chase! Should I just try hitting on her? Perhaps one of the most dangerous stereotypes perpetuating rape culture or street harassment is the argument about how a woman was dressed and that she was “asking for it.”

It is a matter of choice if she wants to clad herself or not. It’s her zone of comfort. Break through the prejudice and primitive judgmental ideas about her choice of cloths.

  1. Not all women are damsels in distress.

It was Rapunzel who needed to be rescued from the tower, but no more. Today’s women are bold, strong, and well educated. They know what they want, and what they don’t want is someone who will mistreat or disrespect them. Our goal as men should not be to be someone they needbut to be someone they want.Women love to be protected and pampered by the man they are with, but that doesn’t mean she can’t do it herself.



5.Women don’t owe you anything.


Women love you. They compromise and adjust in every phase of life as daughters, sisters, mothers, friends to see others happy. Women are not a goal or a conquest.  They desire respect and honour. Today, they are cleaver, wise and stronger. Hence they owe you nothing.

Remember women are not a notch in your belt. The idea of women is changing gradually in our society. It’s our duty to tech our families, friends and more over our children about women. We must understand it’s her life, her choice. We can’t force her for her choices and decision.  She is capable enough to know who she is and what she desires.

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