Understanding Reservation`s Past, Present And Solutions


According to the Literal Meaning of the word “Reserve”, it means “To retain for future use”. But, in India, where future is so Uncertain, It is quite Reasonable to doubt the Future of us. In present scenario, there are majorly three classes reserved in our country, Scheduled Castes (SCs), Scheduled Tribes(STs) and Other Backward Classes(OBCs). But, what lead to all this??? Why some people still believe it is hindering the functioning of the society???

To know all these Answers, Let’s look at the Omni-present Evidence, HISTORY…




To track the Roots of Reservation, We need to get ahead of time to Move back to Ancient India. It is Believed that India in Ancient Time was ruled by Hindu Rulers and Ruled over Hindu Majority, i.e. Believing that India was a HINDU Nation. But, Hinduism Worked on the Mechanism of VARNA SYSTEM. The division of Society according to the Tasks they Perform created Stratification in the Society.



In Hindi, word “VARNA” means “the basic building block of all the Letters, words and thus, Sentences. Varna comprises of swar & Vyanjan. Not going into much Detail of Hindi Grammar, Lets Focus on the System based on this VARNA. According to the Varna System, the Society was divided in FOUR Varnas:

  1. BRAHMIN : Also known as Bhudev, the God of Earth. They carried out all the Sacred Practices and Rituals. This was Considered to be highest Class or sometimes, Caste too.


  1. KSHATRIYA : The Fighters, Warriors. They Entered into Defence of the Territories.


  1. VAISHYA : The Businessmen class. Tradesmen.


  1. SHUDRA: Commonly known as JAMADAR. Performed the Tasks which no other Class Wished to perform, namely Scavenging.


When Dynasties such as Khalji dynasty, Slave Dynasty and Mighty Mughals tried to attract masses towards Islam,  Shudras were the first who welcomed it with OPEN hands. But, Even Though Islam Believes in Equality before ALLAH, They were casted as ATRAF Muslims (lower castes). Also, When they entered Mughal Courts, The division of Muslims termed them as Hindustani muslim, again a lower standard. SO, This is how WE created a Division in Society.


Fast Forwarding the time, At the time of Independence, When Gandhiji Noticed the Pathetic state of Lower Class in our Country and when majority of country was in Rags, Gandhiji Revived his Harijan Movement in a different Manner. He recommended the Name of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar as the head of constitution Drafting Committee.




Although we all preach EQUALITY BEFORE LAW, Blindly, only a few of us really understand what it really means… It implies that Socially Backward section of the Society will be Treated as same as the Upper section of the society, which Itself creates Inequality.


EQUAL PROTECTION OF LAW ensures some kind of Equality for the Citizens.It means that Every Citizen of the Country wil be Entitled to Fair Law jurisdiction taking into account his/her Depreviation.


In our Constitution Article 15 and 16 lays down provisions for the present case of Reservation.

Article 15(3) says “Nothing shall prevent the State from making any special provision for women and children” which gives the Foundation for Women Reservation.

Article 15(5) empowers state to Reserve Seats in Educational and Higher Education for socially and educationally backward sect. of Society.

This leads to be the foundation of another Reservation scheme for SC, ST and OBC

Similarly, Article 16(4) also empowers State to reserve certain seats in Public Employment for socially and Educationally backward sects.


At the Time of Declaration of Republic Of india in 1950, Nehruji claimed that Reservation shall include Financially Backward Section also, but Dr. Ambedkar argued that in such a situation Poor will cherish to be Poor, and this would hinder our Development.


RESERVATION WAS INTRODUCED FOR A CERTAIN PERIOD OF TIME (in our case 60 years) so that, In three-four Generations, There would be no Backward Section as such, and All The Citizen will actually and Genuinely Enjoy Equality. Reservation Accounts for some of the best Talents we have found, Prominent IAS Officers, Prime Minister and some of the Successful CMs come from Deprived sections of the Society. Thus solving its Purpose.


In 2011, GOI extended this 60 years Deadline for another 10 years as It was observed in its Census that greater sect. of society is still backward, greater than estimated.


But, do you need to use this Power, Are you really not so bright in your Field, that you need a Helping Hand from the Govt.? Youth does not wish to take even a single penny for granted, WE wish to Earn everything without any Obligations, then, why do we need Reservation for something that we can do by ourselves????  Rise up, Open up, think Harder

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