Why Girls Move into Prostitution world ? Read the reasons

Film Industry is one of the major form of communication as well as Entertainment. Right from the Era of Madhubala, to the present day “main lovely ho gayi yaar”, Not only Indian Film Industry (BOLLYWOOD) has changed, other Industries have also Evolved into our Errands. Tollywood gained Popularity, Hollywood Movies are now facing Much Anticipated Crowd, even in English Shows, instead of dubbed version.

Some Legendary Movies set the Benchmark for movies after them. Movie like MUGHAL-e-AZAM, UMRAO JAAN, PAKEEZAH and many more… were not just great piece of Music and drama, but also revealed the darker secrets of the Society. Yes, that’s right, TAWAIF, But, Maintaining the Dignity of the crowd (allegedly), they were shown as the Singing Prostitutes.

Contrary to above mentioned, Movies like, TALAASH & CHANDNI BAR explicitly depicted the Modern day, PROSTITUTES. Although this Profession is hardly treated as a Profession in our Country, It is Legal in Chile, Brazil, Greece, Etc. But, It is Partially Legal in India. In countries like Australia, It is Legal and Regulated, meaning they can form Trade unions, Have to undergo regular health checkups, and have to fulfill some important conditions.






The basic Idea of every Business is SUPPLY AND DEMAND. Yes, When Women present himself as a Service, The service User will have to exist. Financially Deprived section of the society are the worst hit sect. of this industry. They are used by the Higher sect. of this business to drive the supply. Demand fairly remains Constant, but Products change.

In a Patriarchal society, The Demand for Women is more for Sexual Desires (usually). We can’t just produce Humans, we need to use the existing resources(population).

A belief in the Indian society that, Men are superior and have liberty to choose their Partners (of all Sorts), Women are just left as Articles. But, with growing Movement in Feminism, it is changing rapidly.


Legalising anything, increases the Legitimacy of that thing. Legitimacy of Prostitution is not cared about much, but, if frauds occur, usually through Online dating sites, There is no legal Procedure to track down the Culprits, Although Cyber cell may help you to register a Case as a Fraud, but Later Proceedings might turn out to be too Complex.


Economic reason


Prostitution, as a business, accepts only Cash, and as it is not legal in most of the Parts of our Country, The Money Transaction is not Accountable, as soon as, it turn into the Un-accounted section of the Economic Society, as they are not registered officially. This would Cause decline in LIQUIDITY in the Economy, hindering the Economic Development in the Developing Economy like that of ours.


Social Reasons
Orthodox  and Rigidity in our Society leads to Social Stigma of that Individual associated with the Prostitution. Legalizing It would lead to Overall Social development of the Society, in quatas of individuals. Whereby, Customer as well as the Service Provider in this Industry will no longer be ashamed to be themselves.

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