Single Man Brought Electricity To An Entire Village In Rajasthan

The village, situated 25kms away from Udaipur, had never had its own power supply. On 23 July 2015, the first house was electrified, thanks to a pilot project by a Durham University Business School student.


Electricity is one of the major problems in India. That is why, nearly 18,000 villages in our country still have to burn kerosene lamps and survive without electricity. But recently, a village got deducted from that list.

Situated 25kms away from Udaipur, a village called Naro ka Kheda didn’t have its own power supply. Although, the entire village got electrified because of Prabh Singh’s piolet project. He is a student in Durham University Business School.

His ‘Project Kiran’ electrified around 76 households in that village.


The cost of this piolet project was around ₹ 7 Lakhs, which was crowdfunded by the villagers and contributed by North East Centre for Technology Application and Reach (NECTAR), an autonomous society in the Indian government.

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During its implementation, Prabh decided to stay with the villagers and experience their lifestyle to get a sense of benefit his project could bring.


The ‘easy to install and service’ electricity kit created in this project comprises of the following things.

  • A solar panel
  • Three light bulbs
  • A strip light
  • A charging socket

This ensured that the initiative was accessible to residents in remote locations.


Prabh Singh wants to take this project to other villages too. “I am in talks with an Indian central government agency to replicate the same project in 50 remote Indian villages based on the similar kind of revenue and service mechanism,” he said.

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Prabh also added saying, “The happiness and the amazement which I saw in those villagers’ eyes after they used electricity in their house for the first time is unmatched to any professional accomplishment that I could ever imagine achieving.”

We wish him all the best for all his future endeavours and hope that his dream to electrify all the villages of India comes true.

News Source: The Huffington Post

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