Guy sending his private part pics to many girls and came to a stage where he was about to suicide

We have always come out in support of woman who face nuisance on Facebook, wherein people text them something really nasty. But seems like this guy forgot all the limits and have now become the ultimate pervert on Facebook.

Not only did he set-texted an unknown girl, but also send some really gross pictures to her.
What was he thinking, every girl is a Slut or what?

Men! We think Mr.Nishant Chaudhary should soon join a Gigolo Club if you have so much lack in Life.

Your messages were a clear indication of your upbringing and how cheap and disgusting mentality you have.

There is actually no piece of advice for you except that you deserve all the misery.

Before you think that why are we are getting so angry, Please look at the shameful messages this guy did to Madhuri Saikia, which made our blood boil with anger.

Major Crisis in Life
First Text of the Pervert

Now this really boils my blood with anger

What do you think the girl is left with other than posting it on Facebook?

Girls Post

It was only after Madhuri Saikia posted the ridiculous messages she got in Facebook that the “Macho” man went down on his knees to apologize.


Click next to see what happened next, you will be shocked by that

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  • Samarth Singh

    Facebook is themselves not interested in doing anything about this. And Indian Government? They don’t talk to Facebook, then who will?

    I’ve reported many things to Facebook, which has been rejected as not against their so called community guidelines.
    According to them, a girl with her throat cut is not a “Graphic violence”. Wow!? Even their definitions define showing of blood, but no, they still didn’t remove it.

    Picture this:- some unknown girls’ pics are being spread by many FB pages. Guess what? Even a ma’am that I know, somehow appeared on these pages, without her permission.
    And Facebook says that it is not against their community guidelines, for someone to copy and post the photo, with a text that “Who wants to be with me??”.

    Instead of blaming perverts. Why don’t you blame Facebook for creating this mess?
    If they can’t respect our culture, why can’t they be banned? Like Chinese banned Facebook?