CCTV Footage Of Mercedes Hit And Run Case By 17 Years Old Rich Brat

Sidharth Sharma, a marketing consultant was killed in a hit-and-run incident by a 17-year-old-boy driving a Mercedes on Monday night. 2 days later of this incidence, the family has discovered an extremely shocking CCTV footage of the incident that clearly shows Sharma being hit by the car just when he was about to reach the footpath. The boy who is a juvenile, was taken into custody but spend less than 7 hours in jail and set free after paying a fine. But there’s a twist to this too –The Accused turns 18 today !


The Police have very little say in this matter because the court’s discretion doesn’t allow the boy to be taken into custody. The boy was driving at a speed of 80 Kmph or may be more, and from what we see on the footage, Sidharth made sure he crossed the roads only after looking both ways. The car however, unexpectedly rammed into him giving him very little time to think. Now that the juvenile has turned adult so Sidharth’s father wants him to be punished like an adult. Sidharth’s father Hemraj has also said the businessman was more at fault than his son. “He let a Yamraj out on the streets of Delhi,” he said. Criticising the police action, he said how they have responded is “totally questionable”.


Given the kind of traffic rules we have (or we don’t) for pedestrians, it’s very common for people to not look for a Zebra crossing. Jaywalking is expected and also acceptable in our country. But given this particular scenario, what happened was entirely the minor’s fault. He shouldn’t have been driving in the first place. If the parents were a little more responsible, Sidharth would have been here with us.

Watch the CCTV footage released by his relative at your own discretion: 



We went and got our own evidence clearer version

Posted by Mercedes Hit & Run on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

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