Animal Cruelty : Someone Threw A Dog Into The Drum Of Tar

Every other day we talk about animal cruelty but hardly concerned when it comes to rescue an animal, Animal cruelty reaches new heights when someone throws a dog into a drum of tar. Yes, you read that right. Redditor /u/wanderingmind posted photos of a dog struggling in a drum of tar on Thursday. If it is hard to imagine how or why someone would do such an inhuman thing, you are in the same boat as us.

The poor animal was stuck for almost 24 hours in this helpless situation. The rescuers contacted H.O.M.E. an animal rescue center. It took a lot of kerosene to get rid of all the tar stuck to the poor animal’s body. But the good people at H.O.M.E. managed to make sure that the poor puppy was out of danger.
The rescuers posted the following on Facebook: “Cruelty knows no bounds. This little one was thrown into a drum of tar and lay stuck, screaming and helpless in the drum for over 24 hrs. Like that wasn’t enough, one of the residents of the complex where these drums were, decided to kick the drum down sending it rolling a couple of metres since the screams were ear piercing.”
“Thankfully there were a number of well-wishers and animal lovers who kept my phone ringing off the hook yesterday and H.O.M.E rescued this little survivor last morning.”
“Litres of kerosene later, eye drops, drips and veterinary advice (thank you Dr. Kiran Kumar) guided our champ H.O.M.E staff Dilip and Sonali to clear away as much as they could of the tar stuck to this tiny body.”
“A true survivor; still a long way to go to clean up its entire body and gently shake away its fear of humans. A traumatic experience for this little one but we’ll be with it every step of the way to recovery.”




It is our duty to take steps against animal cruelty and report incidents we see happening around us. The ones that torture these mute creatures are cruel and need to be punished. There should be strict laws against them.

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