You Can Be Thrown Out Of A Bus Even If You Are A Girl And Its Late Night

DTC: The Story Of ‘Change’
Like many of you, I am a girl who travels in our capital city daily to go to the college. I use public transport services daily: our Delhi metro and DTC bus service.
No denying of the fact that Delhi has the best of the busses: but when would we have best of the bus staff for them. A few days back I was travelling by DTC: I didn’t have the exact amount of change to pay for my ticket. And imagine in this world I was told to get off the bus immediately by the conductor. I was shocked. I ignored this as a one off case, but it kept on happening with some of my friends. Until yesterday I was told to get off the bus again and this time after 8’o clock at night and that too not a bus stop: just in the middle of the road. The bus was full; I wanted to protest but I felt weak. I saw no support from my fellow passengers as if they felt action was completely justified on the part of bus conductor. I got down the bus and tears started rolling down my cheek. I called up my father. I couldn’t speak standing in middle of nowhere. But now, I have decided to speak and write this. I want to seek an answer from every public authority in Delhi on this.
· I had the money to pay for my ticket; the thing is I didn’t have the exact change. The conductor wanted not 20, not 30 but the exact amount of 22rs change. Which rule in DTC clearly specifies that you need to carry exact change to board a bus, otherwise you will be chucked out????? Please enlighten me.

· Mr. Conductor, you should have manners to talk to people especially girls. A city which is talking so much about “Women Safety” on one hand, holds such hostile attitude towards us on the other hand.

· Mr. Conductor, please don’t be under a wrong impression that you own the bus and you would consider it perfectly FAIR to be rude to people. It’s a Public resource for Public use, you are merely providing a service of issuing tickets for which you are paid.

· I thought Delhi would start a story of change where the public authorities would have a helpful attitude towards Women as this city needs some big steps. Instead they started the “story of CHANGE : get the exact change for your fare otherwise bus conductor would make sure to chuck you out”

I urge every one of you: brother, sister, uncle, aunty, young or old to share my story so that no one else has to face this. Please share this so that my voice reaches to the authorities in Delhi.

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