Women’s Contribution In Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) Force

In earlier times women were considered as weak and not allowed to work outside their homes and their role were limited as a wife, mother, sister and to take care of their family members and upbringing of their children’s.  With the changing circle of time women’s has proved this to the society that they can also work equally as men. As compared to men they are not weak and if given the opportunities they can perform equally and even better than them.

 Women working in Indo – Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) force is another proof that women is nowhere inferior than men and if given opportunities they can prove themselves in any field. According to officials the main objective of hiring women at border is to provide them equal opportunities as men so that they can perform leading roles and should be treated equally as men. Country’s ITBP paramilitary force has deployed women officers for the first time as permanent veterinaries officers of the rank as assistant commandants along the indo-china border. The force is also providing special training to 500 mahila constables and these personnel are expected to take charge at the border next year. With this step women can now work shoulder to shoulder with men. Veterinary women officers are leading the animal transport companies in inhospitable conditions along the Indo-Tibetan border. Not only this women officers also perform the challenging task of maintaining logistic support at border out posts (BOPs) at altitude ranging from 9,000 feet to 19,000 feet above sea level. They also supply BOPs with arms and ammunitions, ration and clothing. They are also trained in rack climbing, battle craft and handling heavy and high developed weapons and field craft. ITBP’s director general Krishna Chaudhary said women’s also march on foot with animal transport convoys for many days in extreme weather conditions and also leading male troops. He also said they want more and more women to join the force and want them in officer ranks so that they can lead ITBP battalions. The government had also approved introduction of women fighter pilots in the Indian Air Force (IAF), when the first time women would be in combat roles in the country’s armed forces.

Indo Tibetan Border Force (ITBF) is also planning to induct 30% women in the general duty cadre. According to the ITBF directorate, women’s are given permanent commission which is much better than veterinary corps of the army that conducts only male officers. Officials said that first deployment of this women squad made in the Ladakh sector of Jammu and Kashmir where ITBP troops man posts at a height of over 8,000 feet and more. The force has a total of 1,661 women personnel in its various ranks and branches of work with the maximum number of 1,033 being in the constabulary ranks. One can apply for recruitment of these posts through UPSC Website.

 Working of women contingents in various posts in army and paramilitary forces has proved that they can also do superior roles and same roles given to men. It also proved that women can be stronger than men mentally and physically also. The government should also keep on working for the upliftment of the women and providing them challenging roles.


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