Women Life now days : Bharat Jaglan


A woman walking on road….
Looks front,looks left,looks right and looks back (in fear) this keeps on going until she reaches her house safely. 
A woman before boarding a bus….
Should i board or not??,should i walk the whole way??(even that isn’t safe) or should i call my dad to send the car??( but i am not so rich).
A woman travelling by a taxi…
Keeps looking at her watch that when will she reach??(in fear) or keeps herself conscious so that she does not fall asleep.
A girl sitting in her house…
Should i go out and chill with my friends??(but mom will not allow),should i drive and go attend my tutions??( but i am not allowed to drive because i am girl) or should i wait for the driver to come and pick me up??( which is not safe).
All these questions arise in every woman’s mind of india…
Some of them find the answer to it while the others are left prey to the hunters(rapists).
A man walking on the road…
Looks front ,looks left,looks right and looks back(not in fear but in order to find his prey(woman).
A man before boarding a bus….
Lets travel by bus today (not because his destination is far away but to find his prey(woman).
A man travelling by taxi(with friends)..
Commenting( voh waali meri hai, voh waali teri hai, arre! Kya pataka hai nd so on…)
A boy sitting in his house…
Should i go nd chill out wid my friends ( in order to see the girls with their devilish eyes)
Yes my friends, this is the condition of our very own country and in future its going to be even more worse.
Therefore my friends, BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE….:-)

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