Woman Public Harassment Video – Social Experiment

What would you do if you saw a woman being harassed on the streets? Watch this viral video to see how people react

Women’s safety and women empowerment are two issues that are being discussed more widely today in India than ever before. Everyone talks about the rising crimes against women in India, but what would you do if you saw a woman being harassed on the streets? Will you stop and save her or will you just walk by?

A social experiment by the YouTube channel ‘Awkwardness Unlimited’ went viral after it showed how people were reacting on the streets to such incidents. This staged experiment was carried out by two actors during the day, where the man starts to letch at a woman in full public view. At first no one makes an effort to stop the man even after the woman asks for help from the onlookers.

Later, however, when one person on the busy road tries to intervene, the others also join in. A few people threatened to beat the man up and a group of women also asked the woman to leave and assured her that they would hand the guy over to the police. Will you be the first one to stop these criminals from attacking women? This viral video has been viewed over 100000 times and is being shared extensively on social media.

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