Why are most Kejriwal haters are those who does not belong to Delhi ?

I am from Delhi and I can say that Kejriwal is much better than any government I have seen.But the amount of hate he gets on social media from non-delhiities is too much.The truth is if there are election again in Delhi…AK will win 70/70.
Reason: In one year AK probably did nothing for upper middle class/business men/ professionals. But the change he has made are at bottom level and for middle class e.g. Cheap electricity, fair system of school admission, PDS. After interacting with auto wallas, chai wallas,lower middle class people and similarly others can tell many ground level differences and these guys make 70% of votes. I heard the milk man saying “Delhi is extremely lucky to have AK”.

Some of the allegations such as ad budget also turned out to be false. For e.g. 80% advertisements I saw in metro are publicising anti corruption helpline, dengue awareness, or clean Delhi app. I am yet to see any statues of Arvind Kejriwal with this budget and I am sure it won’t happen.
Same case with salaries too, 2L per month (which contain all perks and expenses) is fair in Delhi. Although, the same should have been done for doctors, govt. officers, and for “some” teachers too. Most are way too underpaid.

Overall I like the fact that Delhi is getting better especially liked the odd-even rule.Also, all these bottom level changes are not publicised by media,which is the other reason we are not aware. AAP official facebook page do mention some but rest are experienced by public.

We have been driven by visual media twisting truth for TRPs, Facebook and twitter memes. When we get the information from these sources we are bound to love or hate someone. We refuse to analyze the facts behind an issue or a policy. Who needs stats when we have emotions. When handles like proud Indian and patriotic Indian become our main sources of news we are bound to hate Kejriwal. This is the exact reason why non Delhities hate Arvind Kejriwal.

His portrayal is mostly by media which a bought out platform, everyone know that.  I have never seen channels like ZEE news, India TV, Times Now praising Kejriwal. In evreything he does these channels find mistakes.

Recently a Modi fan shared me the electrol website launched under Digital India and was singing praises. I tried to check my name by giving the voter id and personal details. The website didn’t return the details and crashed. But the same could be found in ceoandhra.nic.in. While the intent of regularizing voter id is good, the website is crashing. My friend didn’t even check his name before sharing. He is against AK in all agendas.
He says how can u provide free water to everyone. He didn’t even bother to check the limit of 700 lts. He said 700 lts is way too much and citing example of communism and how it ruins the country. But he complains at places where drinking water is charged at Rs 20 – 40.This is an example of how we form our opinions.

Reason for hate
20% drive 80%
That is 20% of the people are the ones driving 80% of the traffic on social media against kejriwal. Mostly are fake profiles.


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