VIP Culture Continues – A Person Refused to Pay Toll , Argued With Manager and Uplifted Bar By Himself


Political power being misused by the youth is becoming a new-sense ….

We at Badlega India receives many stories from people , but the one I am about to share will definitely be one you never heard of.

Can you imagine what all benefits a VIP can avail ? If we start to think, special membership subscription, special name plates, SIM cards, and front row passes are the most we can come up with. But with this recent incident we can discover that being a VIP also exempts you from paying tolls at public booths.

30 AUGUST,Around 11:00 AM a VIP car at the toll booth in karnal refused to pay the basic toll and instead started to present the toll collector with a number of cards. When the toll collector rejected the cards and insisted on paying, the VIP started to make certain phone calls to avoid the toll. Even after making all efforts, the toll collector was determined to stick to his duty and kept insisting. This started to create a chaos as it blocked the car line and traffic started to emerge.
One of the members from the VIP car suddenly took control of the situation by getting out of the car and posing by taking out the red light(usually given to VIP’S for official work) and kept it on the roof of the car. He commented by saying “abh leh le toll”.

It is shocking to encounter that a VIP and other members in the car could behave in such an inappropriate manner and use their political powers to avoid a small amount of toll that is also paid by the rest public. It is unacceptable and unfair to use political power for personal gains as it is meant for the use of improvement for the public in general. Due to less amount of time, only two pictures could be clicked, but the number on the cars number plate, ” HR 06 U ***9″ is stuck in my head forever!





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