Two Cops Suspended For Allegedly Harassing Brother And Cousin Sister.

Ever since the occurrence of oath taken by Yogi Adityanath, of the new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, he has taken few strong decisions and anti-Romeo squad was one of them. There is no denial to the fact that the squad was made with a noble intention to stop eve teasing which has become the biggest issue in the state.

Nonetheless, such a good initiative seems to have gone in vain, a few instances have come to the limelight which are no less than shame to the anti-Romeo squad. For instance, there have not been many days that they have taken a brother and sister to the police station and allow them to go only when their parents confirmed that they were siblings.

A corresponding incident took place in the district of Rampur but the policemen have gone too far this time. Two cops allegedly detained a boy and his cousin sister in the name of anti-Romeo drive, they harassed both of them and took bribe to release the.

According to SP KK Chaudhari, it happened on 26th March that SI Sanjeev Giri along with a constable, Vimal took the siblings into the custody when the visited Rampur from Hashmat Ganj village for buying medicines. As per Chaudhari,

The policemen said they had taken action against them under the anti-Romeo operations and they were kept at a police station for over five hours.”

He added, that the cops denied to release them despite their relatives’ confirmation that they were merely brother and sister and there was nothing more between them.

As per the reports, the cops demanded for Rs 5,000 as  bribe for freeing the siblings. Their demand was fulfilled and the relatives also recorded the cops taking bribe and approached the Minister, Baldev Singh Aulakh and local MLA and informed them. Later Aulakh told SP Chaudhari about it and asked to carry out investigation, both the policemen got suspended on Monday.

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