Triple Talaq To Be Ban In India Says Union Law Minister


Government surely will take  some “major step” to ban triple talaq after the ongoing assembly polls, Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has said and dared Samajwadi Party, Congress and BSP to make their stand clear on the contentious issue.

Making firm stand on issue that it is nothing to do with religion but involves respect and dignity of women, “the government respects faith but worship and social evil cannot co-exist”, said Prasad.

He also said, “the tradition of triple talaq denies respect for women and the central government is committed to end the evil social practice”.

While addressing a press conference in Ghaziabad he said, “The government may take a major step to ban triple talaq after the UP Assembly polls”.

The assembly polls being held in UP and four other states will conclude on March 11. Asserting that “every pernicious practice” cannot be part of a religion, the minister, who is a lawyer himself, said the Centre would raise the issue in the Supreme Court on three points — justice, equality and dignity of women.

He further added, “We are the only party which respects women. Neither do other parties offer a good place to women nor do they respect them. The government respects faith but worship and social evil cannot co-exist”.


On Sunday while addressing the press conference in Lucknow, Prasad said, “I want Akhilesh Yadav, Rahul Gandhi and Mayawati to clarify their stand on the issue of triple talaq. Our (BJP’s) stand is very clear. The issue is not related to religion but involves respect and dignity of women”.

Pointing directly to BSP, he said it should rise above caste politics and respect women. On SP-Congress coalition in Uttar Pradesh, Union Minister furiously said, “This is an alliance of desperation between two dynastic parties – alliance of desperation between crime, criminals and corruption.”



(Source: IndiaTimes)

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