To Get An Auto Rickshaw Ride You Have To Show Your ‘Nationalism Certificate’ In Delhi


You might have to prove yourself to be a nationalist before the auto driver agrees to take you to your destination. Weird isn’t it?

This is because Delhi Autorickshaw Sangh, an RSS backed drivers union in Delhi has decided not to let “anti-national passengers” ride on their vehicles.

Rajendra Soni, the general secretary of the Delhi Autorickshaw Sangh said, “the decision was taken in wake of the violence in Ramjas College and the outfit has ‘threatened’ not to allow ‘anti-national’ passengers on their vehicles if those responsible for the anti-national events in the college is not arrested within a week.”

Soni said, “the union which has a strength of over 90,000 members will hold a protest march Delhi Police Commissioner’s office demanding action against ‘anti-nationals’.”

“We will also put posters behind our autos which will read: ‘Deshdrohiyon ko giraftar karo, unko desh se baahar karo’,” (Arrest the traitors, expel them from the country).

When asked about why such a decision was taken he said, they have been hearing other students complaining about what is happening in Ramjas college.


Few questions arises:

*What are their criteria for deciding who is an anti-national?

*Will the auto driver ask you are a nationalist or anti-national before the trip?

*How will one prove himself/herself to be nationalist?

*What happens if the driver realizes mid-way that the passenger is an “anti-national”?

When asked, Soni just said “pata kar lega” (we will find out) and that it is only limited to colleges like JNU and Ramjas.

(Source: IndiaTimes)

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