Time to Change … Time to Act Now

The thinking of people in India is very much known to us! And I think so you do have a same kind of thinking no regrets from my side but I too agree that even at times I do think the same. Who would like to see a beggar standing in front of your car window of the transgenders. The senior people of our society and so the list goes on and on. Well from transgender something clicked me .You must have seen the “the seatbelt crew” remember! If not  do watch the video!




Must say what good job they have done!! Isn’t a thing to think that we do  forget stuff too early. The great wave of people when come forward to support an issue why only then we join. Example can be the lokpal bill fight and many more. Why is it so that we require someone to guide us! Can’t we think on our on or our thinking is busy in some other work? Yes at times to be be a typical Indian to be away from matters but how to control!! We have typical Indian feeling ki when it hurts us we do rise up!! Nirbhaya case another example where people rushed on roads to raise their voice and project a message that we do care for the society. But guys, its now time to rise our voice make them one change our thinking and lets say yes I want India to change and yes we can do it! I know when you travel through trains do you like to see the small kids begging in front of you or to the worse a. Old lady/man begging yep it does hurts alteast I do feel it. They to might think why am I cursed to be like this. You what you can’t even express yourself to these things its pretty difficult for us to say on it. But someone has to say some has has go ignite the spark let the jungle burn let the people know the power of the youth. I do know and I guarantee that you gonna read this there gonna be hundred likes people gonna praise this work they gonna think to form a group and lets do something it’s time now to act but …..then suddenly no time!! Then those typical excuses of us. So ultimately we stand where we started from. This attitude thins thinking of us should be changed. And this is only possible in youths!! Because the new blood can’t afford to be quite! And I guess that’s the simple reason I’m writing this article so that alteast  reading this few or at least one can change and say yes I wanna do something for my country!

Thinking, matters people its matters lot!!! Just think on this. Its not that we can’t do it we can only thing is we gotta realise the need to change yourself our thinking that pretty important. And then we must raise our voice, stand with with the word “change” and yes we can and we will change things we have to get it done so that we can say yes we tried and we succeeded!! At that time you won’t think to get away from the India which is hidden from us. Then we will be able to say yes I want to help them I don’t want to see those children to singing in the trains begging look at us with a hope. So change your thinking to change our country.

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