Tiger, The Dog, Who Was A Part Of Police Team During 26/11 Attacks Passes Away

Nobody can forget the horrifying date that’s etched in history – 26/11. The country wept for the innocent who were trapped inside Taj and the clueless who were mass-murdered at CST. But there were some unsung heroes who proved to be of great help and one of them were a squad of 4 sniffer dogs who helped detect bombs with the Police force.

Meet Max, Sultan, Tiger and Ceaser. They lived together at a farm house in Virar.

Animal Lover Fizzah Shah took care of them at her farm house. This picture of them is from a time when all of them were healthy and fit.

However, Sultan and Max died earlier this year in June. Tiger was suffering from a lung infection that kept him unwell since a long time. He loved playing with footballs and his favourite pastime was to catch the coconut falling from the trees in the farm.

Shah told in an interview with TOI, “He would always run for the fallen coconut and go around the farm playing with it.”

Tiger’s funeral was done with full state honours where all his friends attended his funeral.


(Source: Being Indian)

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