This Is One Of The Most Cruel Accident You Will Ever Come Across!

Accidents are those man-made disasters which can turn anyone`s life into hell . Looking back to past records of  accidents in India, it is difficult to say that who needs to be blamed for its ever increasing rate.

New information put together by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in the Rajya Sabha this week demonstrates exactly how disturbing the circumstance is. 1,46,133 individuals were slaughtered in street mischances in India in 2015, a 4.6% ascent more than 2014 when 1,39,671 individuals were executed.

As indicated by the report, the Ministry “needs to change the whole design over street transport and street well being in the entire nation, essentially, setting up an arrangement of powers at the Central level and the State level to control all parts of transport and open transport including driving licenses.” 

The video clip below will let you know the real reasons why I am talking about all facts and figures of increasing casualties. 

PS: People with a sensitive heart are recommended not to watch the video.


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