This is How AAP Haters Are Misleading People About Failure of #Odd/Even Rule

The whole nation is keeping its eyes on Delhi as the city has implemented the Odd-Even Formula for the first fifteen days of the year 2016, and everyone wants to know whether it is a success or a failure. Monday was the day when the real test took place as everyone was ready to go to their workplaces or colleges. Nearly 5500 extra buses have been brought on road to counter traffic problems and metro is also supposed to carry 32 lakh passengers instead of 26 lakh daily .

The city’s reaction to this rule was quite good, as they were getting less traffic on the roads and the drive was really smooth as well as time-saving.

Netizens also took twitter to share their experiences, happiness or problems that they faced on account of the new rule. However, a photo which was shared on twitter started a new controversy as it showed messy situation of the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station which was buzzing with huge crowd and it provided the critics of Delhi government with ample ammunition to attack them.

However, later on it was discovered that the photo is an old one and it was published in Hindustan Times and the newspaper itself tweeted about it.



Another picture circulated by some magazine is of Kirti Metro station and the caption is stating it as Saket Metro Station. According to the comments , Kirti Metro Station always used to have such crowd .




Where some people were misleading others, few did shared positive reviews as well.




So i would like to say, dont judge anything based on pics shared on facebook and without facts , dont share them further .






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