‘The day after I was raped’: Short film

A former nurse and rape survivor, Aruna Shanbaug, has been lying in a vegetative state for the last 41 years. Aruna was raped and brutally assaulted by a hospital sweeper on November 27, 1973. She had suffered brain damage after she was strangled by the rapist with a dog chain.
The Supreme Court had rejected a petition to allow the mercy killing of Aruna.
‘After Silence’, a short film on rape and its aftermaths on a girl, is inspired by the story of Aruna. The short film deals with the post-rape trauma that a rape victim undergoes. The film, structured into three acts – immediate response to the incident, a day after the incident and twenty-five years after the incident – is a telling story of society’s response to a rape survivor.

girl after rape

A woman’s life gets changed irrevocably after being raped. But the scars go much deeper. The emotional trauma, the rejection and the sense of insecurity remain a lifetime.
Watch this powerful short film to understand what a rape survivor goes through

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