Such Stereotype of People is Disgrace to Society

School life is amazing. You make friends that are going to last you a lifetime. You learn new things, and you get a fair chance to develop your self confidence.
Most schools constitute boy-girl love stories, shameful puberty crisis and a million more ‘normal’ things.
But for others like me who have spent the very crucial teen lovelorn years in the company of other dreadful woman, nothing ever gets normal again.

You’re young. You’re wild and you’re free. Literally.
Not a care in the world and off we go with our skirts tucked up, shirts flooding out with peeking melons but who gives a damn.
Walk around with the flag of Japan printed right behind your white skirt and be happy about it for once because there’s nobody judging you.
Single sex school, women institutions in particular are a sinful piece of heaven not everybody is acquainted with.
We are obviously the smarter lot and well yes, we’re hot.

But what happens when you’re forced out of your cocoons and you’re just there thinking you’re this one beautiful winged creature when everything turns upside down.

No matter how hard you try, you’re hated because well, you’re amazing. Nobody likes anybody who’s good at everything.
You’re confident, strong headed and have I mentioned how hot us chicks are, before?

Personal experience. I had always been in an all girls school. Standard 11, I shifted to a coed one and yes, I was excited. About the new place. Not the boys.
I have no idea why everyone believes we are alienated to idea of having guy friends. I mean, it’s not even fair.
Trust me. Nobody knew my name. All they knew is that I hailed from an all girls’ school and so I OBVIOUSLY had no idea about guys. Yeah right.

Stupid remarks they thought I did not understand, and don’t you ever get caught talking to a boy okay?
Anyways. Time passes and you realize how much fun it is to be a part of coed schools and you swear never to go to an all girls’ college after this but not everything comes with happy buttons.
You land up in an all girls’ college feeling deserted and lost once again. You tell your school friends you have four other girls in your room and all they really want to know is whether you’ve experimented as yet or not.
Okay everybody LISTEN.

A bunch of girls are capable of living under one roof and not get sexually attracted to each other. Yes. We Do Not Experiment.
And no, it is not really a turn on when you see girls farting and howling about their broken hearts.
Yes, we fart. It is normal.

I do not understand the stereotypical drama the general lot assumes about us.
No we do not have an attitude problem. If you want to speak to us because yes we are so pretty, Please come up and TALK.
We’re just like other girls. Only better.

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