Salman Khan Acquitted Of Arms Violations And People Reacted On Twitter


Jodhpur CJM court today acquitted Bolywood actor Salman Khan of all charges in the Arms Act case against him in the alleged poaching of two black bucks.

The film star’s lawyer said, “Salman Khan (has been) acquitted in the Arms Act case after the prosecution failed to provide conclusive evidence,” ANI reported.

In October 1998, a case against Salman Khan was registered under the Arms Act for his alleged use and possession of arms with an expired license during the alleged poaching of two black bucks in Kankani village.

Salman had 0.22 rifle and 0.32 revolver with an expired licenses and cases were filed under Sections 3/25 and 3/27. The maximum sentence in Section 3/25 is usually three years while Section 3/27 has seven years as the maximum sentence.

The verdict was pronounced in the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Jodhpur district, in the presence of the film star. He arrived in Jodhpur yesterday with his sister Alveera and his advocates.

On the other side, BS Bhati the prosecution counsel said they would appeal against the acquittal in the sessions court.

Defense counsel H M Saraswat said “the court admitted our arguments that Khan was framed in this case as he had no concrete evidence against him.”

While the argument was going on, the defence had argued that there was no evidence against Salman in the case and he was framed by the forest department, the prosecution argued that there were adequate evidence against the film star for the use and possession of the arms with an expired license.

Out Of the four cases against him, Salman Khan has been acquitted in two cases of poaching by the high court while a third case of poaching is in its final stage.


Here’s how Twitter reacted to the news of Khan’s acquittal.

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