Road Rage Incident Leads To Death Of An Auto Driver , This Should Be Called Self Defense or Murder ?

The road rage incidents in India are accelerating at a startling rate. It is very difficult to understand the anger of Indians on such petty issues.
Such an incident took place in the Churu district of Rajasthan in Sardar town. In the disastrous incident, an auto driver got killed at the hands of a milkman biker. In the CCTV footage, it can be seen that Mushtaq, the auto-driver, was trying to overtake an auto while on the other hand Hiralal, the milkman, was coming on his bike from the other side and both of them missed each other with very less margin.

Mushtaq and Hiralal both started fighting, while the passers by tried to stop the dispute, but both were mad at each other. Mushtaq tried to harm Hiralal by stabbing with a pointed tool which he pulled out from his bag while Hiralal hit him with a cement slab on his head. The head injury of Mushtaq was so major that he died on the spot. Hirala has been arrested and a case has been registered of commiting a murder.


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Don’t you think such a situation could have been avoided if they both had a little sense of forgiveness and patience and taken such a small issue as normal?

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