Racism Experiment – Harassing a Girl in Public

We Indians are very smart. Nationality conveys the look on the face of the person. . Some nouns like people tend to come from China and Japan, which we call, Chinki.
See the video , how people react it in public if they something like that.

This discrimination could upset someone so mentally, through the video you can understand it better. Video By Trouble Seeker Team


A few days ago, the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs asked all states and union territories to book anyone who calls a person from North East India a “chinki”, under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. The punishment is up to five years imprisonment and denial of anticipatory bail.

The move was made with the aim of preventing racial discrimination against North East Indians, whose appearance is characterised by distinctly mongoloid features, particularly the shape of their eyes.

Needless to say, people’s responses have been wide and varied. While many Indians support the law, others see it as completely unnecessary and view the label “chinki” as a harmless “stereotype”.

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