Mr Salman Khan, What You Have Now Done Crosses All Boundaries Of Self-respect – Open Letter to Salman Khan


Dear Mr. Salman Khan,

I don’t know whether I can write a letter to you because I definitely do not belong to the show business and I do not have the money and clout you control. I am sure you will not bother reading this one because you would be either promoting your Aam Aadmi image to sell another flick of yours or dancing in some political functions for lucre.

You dance for Mulayam Singh Yadav, you promote Milind Deora and you also fly kites for Narendra Modi. Wow, some combination that is, considering you don’t want to lose any end and want to keep everyone happy.

I always ignored the fact that you could not act. Right from the days of Maine Pyar Kiya we fell in love with the “Prem” characters that you kept on displaying on the silver screen. While on screen you remained polite, sanskari and a family boy, the man outside crushed footpath dwellers in their sleep. The way you tried to save yourself after that, you made sure we couldn’t believe you were “Prem”.

Then you killed some endangered species keeping up with the high society “i care not for law” status. Your image in our eyes was further dented. Your relationship with Aishwarya Rai brought us hope that maybe a sane female and a stable relationship might bring some sanity in your life. You though were in no mood to better yourself. You banged at her door, allegedly also hit her to which there was allegedly a complaint against you done by the ladies parents. Bad days were back and the eye-wash of a image uplift ended prematurely.

Then came your big moment. The launch of Being Human and many big movies. Being Human worked brilliant for many have-nots and the PR it generated for you was enormous. Like idiots we again thought that you have realized the past mistakes and are now on the run to create a better life. Your movies and more so your fans saved a crippling Bollywood with revenues that were only dreamt in real life. Nothing to write about, those movies were zilch but then the kind of fandom you command in this country is certainly envious.

But what you have now done crosses all boundaries of self-respect. First you danced in the most inopportune Saifai festival in UP which was organized by a Government spending crores, despite thousands of people dying struggling in camps after the riots in the same state. I am sorry but I felt disgusted seeing you gyrate in front of Ministers who showed absolutely no accountability towards their own people.

Then you justified the same saying you are an artist. Mr. Khan, you are in public life and everything you do will be scrutinized if its not looking good. You can’t avoid being questioned on such moves of yours. And that excuse of yours that you are a professional entertainer is absolute crap. You should have been sensitive towards the people (36 odd children died in a distance of less than 500kms from there). Where did your sensitivity go Mr. Salman Khan?

And then 15 odd days later you flew kites for Mr. Narendra Modi. What is your politics Mr. Khan that forces you to be on every side of the political spectrum? Don’t you have a stand like you had in Dabaang which made us feel that you are a powerful actor. We are today ashamed we make your films superhit because there is no reason you should be over and above any other actor who dances for money in marriages and political functions. You in fact have gone a step beyond by dancing on the invite of leaders who completely evaded accountability of their people who were dying at the moment you were gyrating.

Answer me Mr. Khan, why should we call you our hero, we all want to know?

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