Open Letter to My Future Husband – One Of The Most Cutest Thing You Will Ever Read on Internet Today

Somedays if I doubt on myself and have trouble in believing in my own power,I want you to hold my hand,kiss me harder,hug me tighter and then to show me all the oppurtunities that will be lying infront of me..that will be enough for me for that day..

I will be your best friend on most of the evenings,taking you out dancing to singing along with you..we will call up some friends and will just let ourselves live those moments..

BABY,WE WILL CELEBRATE LIFE LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW..and yes you will be owing to me supercute fat babies(*wink..we will face it together though*)


OH yes!! What about our week-ends honey?..I am gonna cuddle you till long long hours..We will just lie in bed and will be watching movies..May be I will cook for you,but mostly this not gonna happen..because I will be more into treating myself with the foods of my favourite restaurants..and know it huh!!..I am gonna fight with you every week end for my silly reasons,in order that you will come to me,hug me and calm me..But at the end of day,we will make up and will be our lazy,crazy selves together. we will be growing old together and will have a whole lifetime of memories to smile and laugh at..


“I WILL BE YOUR BIGGEST CHEER LEADER,AND WILL FIGHT THE WORLD FOR YOU” and will never give up on us because you will be my best friend and giving up is just not an option.


With love,


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