Open Letter to My Future Husband – One Of The Most Cutest Thing You Will Ever Read on Internet Today

Dear Husband,

I will fall in love with you,with all of you,and,and am very sure about this that I can never get enough of you,your jokes which you gonna crack in both my bad and happy times.I will be there for you in every ups and downs of your life,will walk beside you in every major decision you make..So,baby,you will be very lucky to have me in your life..

You might be waiting eagerly for me to enter in your life soon in order that we can share our thoughts,happiness and worries with each other,can fight over that last piece of pizza left over,can care for each other in each others illness,to making our favourite dishes every weekend( dragging you along with me in the kitchen though*winks).

You will be my one and only..the only soul for whom I gonna dedicate my life,without giving a second thought..the warmth of whom I gonna cherish every night with smiles and will be waking up in your arms along with your tender and sweet kisses…

I promise to cheer away your Monday morning blues,while you would still be warm from the Sunday nights sleep..and will remind you of the dreams you will be having for both of us,the desires which kept you wide awake many nights..Will get ready for the work place along with you,and while munching our breakfast,will look at you for you gonna be far away from me till the evening until we both come back to our own forest,where there are no trees,only you and me wandering love for each other..


Most of the afternoons,staying back at home,we will sneak in for a quick coffee or soup break,will make each other giggle and  will hug each other tighter in order to make us feel lighter..which will give us oodles of strength to get past through the stresses we had in our work places.

On nights,sometimes,when you will be having too many assignments and deadlines to meet,and me not being piled up with that much of work for that particular night,I will be right there beside you staying awake  along with you and will comfort you every now and then when you will be tired..but trust me,I will be packed up to pull an all nighter with you,and finishing all the works together..


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