Open Letter to All : My Religion Has Nothing To Do With My Patriotism

The Rising Intolerance in India

As days are passing by, I am afraid to see the political games that are pushing my country into dark. I am afraid to stand up to it cause I might be categorized as a terrorist or a Pakistani, I’m afraid that those days of Hindu-Muslim riots will be back.

I am not a Hindu or a Muslim or Christian or Sikh. I am an Indian! I love India! But, why should I prove it? Who are those sadhus and sadhvis or the politicians to decide about my patriotism? If one doesn’t support their party will they become a Pakistani?  Then probably half of the Indians are Pakistanis.

Earlier we had to fight against corruption, equality, reservation but, at least religious intolerance didn’t exist. Since, the formation of new government a lot of things are going wrong in India.

Sai baba was told to be Muslim God (I never understood the point behind it!), Rationalists are being murdered, mob kills a man over beef-eating rumour.

Several writers and artists are showing their protest to this situation by returning their awards which is supported by many filmmakers, scientists and historians.

Recently, film star Shah Rukh Khan shared his view on intolerance and earned the tag of being anti-national and was compared to a terrorist. Some said that if there was intolerance in India then Shah Rukh Khan would not be loved so much. For this I would say, dear people the question here is not about famous people being loved and respected. As SRK is loved other Indian Muslims should also be loved.


Then Raveena Tandon came up with a statement “killing of Muslim by the mob and other murders are small events we should not connect it with intolerance” Now that was a real shock. Does she mean that a common man’s life is so cheap? Ma’am, would you please define what is the big enough incident with which we can connect intolerance?

Why there is an indifferent behaviour towards Muslims in India? They too are citizens of India. They too fought for the freedom of India. They too die for India at the border. They too bring laurels to India in every field be it sports, entertainment, academic, art, music and what not. Then why is their patriotism being questioned? Why they need to prove that they are Indian? How can being a Hindu/Muslim make any difference? Every citizen of India is an Indian at first.

India is not intolerant but, all these events are indicating the beginning of the dark time.

It’s high time now we should stand together and rise above religion, caste, creed and gender biases. We should introspect and differentiate between the right and the wrong. For making India a developed country, it is necessary that we treat all the citizens of the country equally. Holistic development cannot be achieved at the stake of others suppression.

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